Our Sales Policy

The sales team at Panchmal Plastics understand that

“Selling is what happens when we treat the customer’s challenges as our challenges”

Are you interested in doing business with Panchmal Plastics?

If yes, thank you. But, before that, you need know what we can offer you that most companies in this industry do not.

We provide our new customers with

  1. Training about the product range.
  2. Marketing collateral such as product catalogues and pamphlets.
  3. Promotional activities through local radio, TV, signage and online.
  4. A dedicated customer support line to call in with your questions, concerns or complaints.
  5. A customer relationship team who speak to all of our thousands of customers at least once a month getting feedback on the quality and supply of our products. The team also obtains feedback about the sales officer and updates our customer database with additional or revised contact details.

Our customers fit into the following categories

  1. Distributor
  2. Dealer
  3. Wholesaler
  4. Retailer

The categorisation of our customers depends on several factors

  1. Sales area
  2. Financial investment by the customer
  3. Infrastructure (Storage facilities, Vehicles and Manpower).
  4. Monthly sales targets.