Contract Manufacturing

Why Contract Manufacturing

Let’s start with an example. If your business is about making ice creams, it would not make business sense to invest in plastics manufacturing plant to product the plastic ice cream tubs and spoons. There is a clear cost benefit in outsourcing that which is not your area of expertise.

Free up or utilise your resources to focus on developing your core competencies in the areas of strategy, marketing, sales, research and development, and customer service. Let Panchmal Plastics handle your plastic product/component manufacturing. That is our core competency.

Panchmal Plastics has the infrastructure to support your business. A well maintained production plant, packing, storage, skilled staff and a smoothly functioning logistics department to ensure you receive your consignment safe and on time.

Production Philosophy

We work ‘lean‘. We believe in producing only as much as required for a given period. Controlled inventory is critical to our success as a contract manufacturer.

How Does It Work

Step One: We work on a preliminary assessment of the scope of the project that includes human resources, machinery, related infrastructure, timelines and budget. This assessment report will be shared with you for a tentative approval.

Step Two: We will then sit together to finalise on the delivery demands that would include expected output, delivery numbers and methods, contract period and payment schedule. The final quotation would be handed over to you.

Step Three: You would then provide Panchmal Plastics a work order for the agreed contract period.

If you would like to know more, you can directly call us on +91 934 191 1555, +91 890 400 3478 or go to the Contact Us page and fill the enquiry form and click send. Our Sales Representative will call you back.