About Panchmal Plastics

Panchmal Plastics are manufacturers of premium quality plastic products for use in the construction, agriculture and household products industries. The products are made from prime virgin raw material. Famously called ‘unbreakable’ they are built to last long, in the environments they are designed for. At Panchmal Plastics, we aim to satisfy both Functionality and Aesthetics. That means our products look and behave like top quality products.


Panchmal Plastics aims to be a highly sought after plastic product manufacturing company in and from India, inspiring a high level of customer loyalty and customer recommendation.


To achieve our vision we-
1. Focus on manufacturing a large range of premium quality plastic products that match all the criteria of their purpose.
2. Provide high quality, on time delivery of the products manufactured through our Contract Manufacturing division.


Integrity – We believe in maintaining an honourable relationship with all our stakeholders. Stakeholders include employees, customers and vendors.

Safety – We take care of our employees by providing them with a safe environment to work in.

Respect – Every person working with and for Panchmal Plastics is treated with dignity and respect.

Quality – Quality Always is not just a tag line. This value is shows in our products, services and customer support.

Customer Service – Doing whatever it takes to support our customers.

Teamwork – When faced with a challenge, the Panchmal Plastics team knows it’s time for ‘all hands on deck’.






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