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Panchmal Plastics are manufacturers of premium quality plastics products. Our aim is to be highly sought after and recommended by customers in India and abroad for the quality of our products and services and excellence in customer relations.

1. To meet our objectives Panchmal Plastics will ensure that it meets the needs and requirements of the customers and will seek to continually improve the quality of service by the development of necessary programmes.

2. Strive to improve and enhance its performance by setting objectives and targets, which are continually reviewed to ensure they are understood, acted upon and met.

3. Comply with requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.

4. Provide training, support, resources and encouragement to all its employees to ensure they realise their full potential in meeting the quality policy and its objectives.

5. Meet any statutory and regulatory requirements that apply to products, services, processes and activities.

6. Establish partnerships with service providers and relevant parties, and continually develop the partnerships to provide improved service.

7. Work towards becoming ISO 9001:2015 compliant.

This Policy was endorsed by the Managing Director, Panchmal Plastics on January 6th, 2016 and will be communicated throughout the organisation and to all interested parties. It will be reviewed periodically to ensure the continued success of Panchmal Plastics.

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